About MoreToJack

a multi-disciplined, motivated individual specialising in photography, design and copywriting, who has an unhealthy obsession with all things tube trains.

Jack /dʒak/ noun

Jack - York Road

Born in London and raised in the Peak District, Jack is never far from his camera, seeking to capture everything from the mundane to the magnificent in photographic form. Self-taught in a variety of disciplines, Jack is diligent in everything he does, seeking to capture the minute details within the bigger story to be told. He is also a keen film-maker and writer, skills he often combines with his photography to create engaging content for a huge variety of clients and audiences.

Jack’s interests are wide and varied, spending much of his time researching and traversing transit systems across the globe, and regularly writing for industry publications. Elsewhere, he’s a keen pursuer of outdoor adventure, with proficiencies in rock climbing, power boating and skiing to name but a few. Professionally, Jack spends his days keeping London’s Underground network running smoothly; a small cog within a much larger machine transporting thousands of Londonders every day.

No stone is left unturned in Jack’s quest to live and explore life to its full potential, and he is never far from planning his next adventure.